1. The Beloved

    April 26, 2016 by janleeks

    Dir/ writer: Sandra Goldbacher.

    Set in 1968 in a commune in Wales – The Beloved Community – THE BELOVED tells the story of an obsessive friendship and a triangular sexual relationship, which flowers and then falls apart in this hedonistic, intensely idealistic, radical hothouse world.

  2. The Poisoners

    by janleeks

    Dir: Jon Amiel

    Written: Paul Billing

    The story of women, left alone in the Yorkshire moors by their husbands who have gone off to war, yet surrounded by German POWs.  The women see these men, not as enemies, but as companions and when relationships are forged, they are not easily forgotten. From this situation arises the need to be rid of their husbands and the dangerous power when they realise they can be…but at what price?

  3. The Pre-Nup

    by janleeks

    Dir/ Written: Jonathan Lynn

    The Pre-Nup is a wonderful rom-com that paints a hilarious picture of what happens when modern love comes up against traditional failures in men and women. Both Alice and Matthew are real, true characters – both flawed yet utterly loveable.

  4. Blood Rose

    by janleeks

    Written: Malcolm Kholl, based on book by Margie Orford

    Criminal profiler Clare Hart is drawn into a world of long-kept secrets in a small town in Namibia when small boys begin to show up dead. With the help of her colleagues she goes further down the rabbit hole in search of answer but will the killer get on to her before she finds their identity and stops them.